Welcome to Looming With Love!!!!!

This my first Blog. I will be posting a couple of Patterns soon. I am trying to get ready for a demo at a Humanitarian Project Tomorrow! Check Back soon.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Looming With Love!!!!!

  1. I just discovered this webpage. I have been working with the round and rectanglar looms for a short time. I love working on them and I have a friend who does also. I just finished a snowman (body has fun fur and regular yarn) hat with pom pom, scarf on neck and I put him on a sink plunger for support. I also am making three pumpkins, Father pumpkin has fun fur and yarn mixed with green stem and leaf on top, Moma pumpkin is knitted using 2 different stitches and a large bow on top of head, and baby pumpkin with fun fur on top so it looks like his hair is standing up on end. I will get a picture and post it here. If anyone has patterns for the round or rectanglar looms I am interested. I also have learned that Provo Craft has come out with a set of 4 rectanglar looms with smaller pegs and closer together to get a finer knit along with instructions for 3 different stitches.

  2. Hi,
    I love the baby set you made. I got the pattern off the pattern page too. Thank you very much for posting it. I got some questions for you.
    1) Since I don’t have a sm. gauge bootie loom,( I can’t find them here locally. I’ve searched.)do you think I could make them on the sm. blue Knifty knitter loom or the long blue one?
    2) how many pegs do you think I’ll need to wrap?Would I use the same amount?
    3) what do you mean by knit off?
    Thanks for your time,

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