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Checkerboard Hat

 Checkerboard Hat

loom 001.jpg  loom 002.jpg

This is  a fun hat to make. It can be made on both the green and blue Knifty Knitters.

Items needed

1. green or blue knifty knitter

2. yarn needle

3. Knitting Hook

4. any worsted weight yarn of your choice

Instuctions or written for use with both looms.

You will be knitting in the round

cast on  36 [ 24]using the cable cast found at

Row 1 thru Row 4   *k1 p1* repeat 18 times [12 times} for each row

Row 5  K all around loom

Row 6 – 9   *K3 P3* repeat 6 times [ 4 times]for each row

Row 10 -13  *P3 K3* repeat 6 times [4 times] for each row

Row 14- 17 * K3 P3* repeat 6 time [4 times] for each row

Row 18- 21 *P3 K3* repeat 6 times [ 4 times]for each row

Row 22- 26    K all the way around for each row

Remove with the gathering method

Hide loose ends

©2006 Amy Kay For personal use only. If you desire to use this pattern for fundraising for your organization please contact the designer for permission.