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Cat Block

This is what I worked on while away for a few days.

 loom.jpgsorry it is kinda hard to see. Just Click on the pic and you can see it bigger. It is the kate the cat pattern.

I did it on the green knifty knitter. I am going to use different shades of brown and Tan and Cream and make a afghan for our Kitty to put on our bed to protect the Quilt my Mom made us.  I haven't wanted to put on because the cat loves to sleep on our bed. Now Ican make a cute afghan for the bed that will match the colors inthe Quilt.

I found the pattern at

 This site has alot of different blocks to knit.

To do the blocks on the loom you need to be aware that when the Block pattern says knit across you need to purl instead of knit.

Hope you have fun with the blocks at this site.


One loom Mitten

One Loom Mitten loom 007.jpgThis pattern you don’t need to worry about Right and Left hand. Do two the same and they can be worn either for a left or a right.What’s Needed?

1. Blue Knifty Knitter 2. Loom hook

3. Yarn Needle
4. Worested weight yarn Color of your choice

To Begin:

Cast on 24 using two strands of yarn( You will be knitting in the round using the e-wrap)

Row 1- 10 knit

Row 11 Form Cuff:

Just like making the brim of a hat you use the bottom loops and put on the pegs to form cuff.

Knit off

Row 12 – 22 Knit ( to form Wrist Part)

Starting the Thumb Section

 loom 010.jpg

You will be Knitting flat section still using the e-wrap

You will be using the first six pegs

E-wrap pegs 1 thru 6 and knit off

From her you will alternate Row A and Row B Below.

I knit 21 rows I have small hands so adjust thumb length to fit your thumb

The sides of the thumb will be finished when mitten is off the loom.

Row A Next you will wrap peg 5 to peg 1 and knit off

Row b you will wrap peg 2 to peg 6 and knit off

Back to Knitting in the Round

Row 23 – 45 knit

( I have small hands so adjust lenght to fit your hand)

Take off with the gathering bind off.

 loom 011.jpgMitten is inside out and ready to sew up thumbs.

Now Turn the mitten inside out and Sew the Sides of the thumb together . Now the Thumb is complete

And now you have made a Mitten with only one loom!

© 2006 Amy Kay For personal use only. All other use please contact the designer for permission.

Walmart is calling!

 A gal at our local Wal-mart called me. She does craft demos there. The store wants her to make a looming display for the knifty knitters. She wants to buy some of my stuff to display there. It is sorta exciting. IT is the only yarn shop for Miles around. We are at least four hours away from any good yarn stores.  So I am meeting with her today. I will lert you know how it goes.