One loom Mitten

One Loom Mitten loom 007.jpgThis pattern you don’t need to worry about Right and Left hand. Do two the same and they can be worn either for a left or a right.What’s Needed?

1. Blue Knifty Knitter 2. Loom hook

3. Yarn Needle
4. Worested weight yarn Color of your choice

To Begin:

Cast on 24 using two strands of yarn( You will be knitting in the round using the e-wrap)

Row 1- 10 knit

Row 11 Form Cuff:

Just like making the brim of a hat you use the bottom loops and put on the pegs to form cuff.

Knit off

Row 12 – 22 Knit ( to form Wrist Part)

Starting the Thumb Section

 loom 010.jpg

You will be Knitting flat section still using the e-wrap

You will be using the first six pegs

E-wrap pegs 1 thru 6 and knit off

From her you will alternate Row A and Row B Below.

I knit 21 rows I have small hands so adjust thumb length to fit your thumb

The sides of the thumb will be finished when mitten is off the loom.

Row A Next you will wrap peg 5 to peg 1 and knit off

Row b you will wrap peg 2 to peg 6 and knit off

Back to Knitting in the Round

Row 23 – 45 knit

( I have small hands so adjust lenght to fit your hand)

Take off with the gathering bind off.

 loom 011.jpgMitten is inside out and ready to sew up thumbs.

Now Turn the mitten inside out and Sew the Sides of the thumb together . Now the Thumb is complete

And now you have made a Mitten with only one loom!

© 2006 Amy Kay For personal use only. All other use please contact the designer for permission.

115 thoughts on “One loom Mitten

  1. That looks great! Easy, too! Thank you so much! And thanks to Denise who put a link to this site on her Lion Brand Blog. I am a recent knitting loom convert. Really enjoy it! And I’m so grateful that some folks are (finally) posting interesting patterns for the looms. Yippee!!!

  2. Thanks for making it so easy, I love the loom and I finished the thumb part on the first mitten last night. I would like to post the pattern on the IndianaLoomKnitters group. I sure the ladies would love it.

    Your very creative, love your work.

    Andrea in Indy

  3. OOOOOOOh finally I get it! I have been trying to figure out how the thumbs was done, and your photo totally helped. I kept visualizing it diffrently, and couldn’t grasp it. Thank you for the directions! now I can’t wait to start them!!!

  4. This is a great pattern, how do you downsize it for kids? I’ve only made one pair so far and they are gigantic – big enough to fit my husband. I used a single string of the Light and Lofty yarn. It’s wonderfully soft and warm, but way too big for me or my 3 little girls. 🙂

  5. I used an 18 peg loom and did a triple stitch, E wrap around for 3 times then lift bottom stitch over 2 top stitches. Also use a heavier yarn. This still makes an adult mitten but very thick, soft and warm. I haven’t been able to find a loom yet in a childs size.

  6. I would love to figure these out but I can’t get it through my thick skull today. I understand the wrap back and forth on the thumb but I ended up with a big hole to close the thumb up! Help! Please!!!

  7. These are my absolute favourite Knifty Knitter mittens. The one-loom design is simply brilliant! They make up easily and the thumb fits well. Thanks for posting this great pattern. My hands are small, so I used flat knit instead of e-wrap, and the mittens fit well and are quite warm.

  8. Hi, I make hats,scaves and mittens to give away to people in need. Could I use your pattern for this purpose? It is pattern is so much easier and faster to finish. It is so one of the best looking when finished.

    Betty Jo

  9. I want to knit some mittens with my knifty knitter but I need to know what is a ewrap. I was reading the instructions and I need a little help. Please help!


  10. I found the one loom mitten pattern great. I also ordered a smaller loom only 4 inches across and have made kids mittens. I make them for the Opertion Christmas project in our area. Thanks.

  11. Forgive me but I am a little confused about the thumb. I am at the point where I need to e-wrap the 6 pegs. I e-wrap them and what do I knit off with? I am new to this. Thanks.

  12. Okay, I figured it out. The thumb is like a flat rectangle that forms a loop. When I have knitted enough rows that go around my thumb lengthwise, that last row will become “row 23 on the round.” Errrr…

  13. hey, I have a question regarding your mitten pattern…Ok, so I got to the part where you say wrap pegs 1-6, I did that, but what do you mean by “now you will be using row A and B???I’m a little confused can you help please!! This pattern looks fun, and I don’t want to give up!!


  14. WHich little loom are these made with ? the old fashoned woon and nail suares o9r the plastic hooppppppps with the pegs..similar to the spools we used at camp and made six miles of something…just what we were not sure! thanks, jenna

  15. Geeze it looks like I have been hittting the bottle !! no..just trying to be lazy and not get up and go across the room to turn the light on! woon= wood,suares= squares!, 09r must = or, hoopppppps = hoops. I hopes this makes it easier for everyone! jenna

  16. I am going to give this a try, I have not tried mittens yet, but I have made scarfs and hats, so I hope I can complete the set now.
    Not sure of some of the terms, is there a knifty knitter for dummies?
    I didn’t even do chain stitches right before this…

  17. hi- i am confused!!! lol
    ok- do you use the round knifty knitter loom- ( the one that comes in all 4 ) the blue one? i have that, and just wondering, do you have a you tube video?
    help! i really want to make these!!!
    thanks so much!

  18. hi- i am confused!!! lol
    ok- do you use the round knifty knitter loom- ( the one that comes in all 4 ) the blue one? i have that, and just wondering, do you have a you tube video?
    help! i really want to make these!!!
    thanks so much! is my email add.

  19. I am confused on the thumb. I do the row a Row b alternating but then how do I go back to finish the glove? DO I need to knit the thumb off, do I start Row 23 at peg 1 or peg 7? I am so confused. Then when I am finishing the glove do I gather stitch or crochet it closed. I need help!!!

    Thanks in advance…..

  20. “Okay, I figured it out. The thumb is like a flat rectangle that forms a loop. When I have knitted enough rows that go around my thumb lengthwise, that last row will become “row 23 on the round.” ”

    YAY!! Thank you so much for saying that, it makes so much sense to my poor, addled brain now! LOL

  21. Hi = LOVE!! this pattern but am having a problem understanding the instructions for the thumb. HOw does it get separated from the body of the mitten? Looking forward to hearing from you – got lots of Xmas presents to make. Thanks again!!

  22. Love it…Love it!! I’m kinda new to Knifty Knitting and so far I’ve made hats (of course), scarves, slippers, and even a pair of boots. I’ve comb the net trying to find an easy pattern for mittens and this is IT! Just a question though, is there a way to make it smaller? I think I may have used the wrong yarn or something because it came out looking a bit like our oven mit (just too big is all). I don’t get the “worseted weight” thing because I’m new to yarn crafts all together. Thanks again though this is very easy!

  23. Making the thumb piece and wrapping the 6 pegs as “Row A” and “Row B” is actually easy to figure out–it becomes obvious after you start doing it.

    When you start the thumb piece, you ONLY wrap pegs 1-6, then you go backwards and wrap pegs 5-1 and knit off ONLY those 6 pegs. When you start wrapping again, you HAVE to start with peg 2, then you wrap to peg 6, and knit off the 6 pegs again. From peg 6, you go back the other way again, and you HAVE to start with peg 5–then you keep wrapping till you’re back to peg 1, and then knit THAT row off, etc., etc. Just keep repeating, going back and forth between pegs 1-6, until you have enough rows for your thumb piece.

    Another thing about measuring the thumb: if you stick your hand through the top of the knifty knitter and put your thumb into the thumbpiece, you can sort of “eyeball” and feel for the right length of the rectangle piece, if you don’t want to count rows (I always seem to lose my place when I’m counting!) Whoever you’re making the mittens for can stick their own thumb in, of course.

    When the thumb piece is finished, you start wrapping ALL 24 pegs again to make the rest of the mitten.

    I’m pretty much a beginner with the round looms and it only took me about 15 minutes to figure this out. Great pattern, thanks for sharing it! 🙂

  24. At the beginning of post #35, I meant to say:

    “When you start the thumb piece, you ONLY wrap pegs 1-6, then you knit off ONLY pegs 1-6.”

    (then continue with the rest of what I said in #35).

  25. Ok, so I finished the mittens. I used a double strand for these: 1) Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky in “Charcoal,” and 2) Bernat Alpaca Natural Blend in “Ebony.” They are man-sized, and I do not have small hands. On the plus side, I can wear them OVER my thinsulate gloves, and the mittens are VERY warm. 🙂

    But I believe for a woman’s pair in the future, I would use a 20-peg loom at either 5/8″ (for bulkier yarn) or 1/2″ gauge (for finer yarn).

  26. Tiffaney, do you mean “how do I sew the thumb shut after the mitten is done?”

    If that is it: you need a tapestry needle with a big hole in it that you can thread a piece of your mitten yarn through. After the mitten is done, you turn the mitten inside out, thread the needle with a separate piece of your yarn, and just sew it up with sewing-type stitches.

  27. for smaller mittens use chunkier yarn (Lion brand homespun?) and for toddler’s I heard use the 12 peg loom. I haven’t tried it yet. I plan to!

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  29. ok, so I get your directions, really I do. But who is this supposed to fit? I mean it sure won’t fit anybody in my house. Any suggestions for making the wrist smaller. I’m going crazy trying to figure it out. I even bought a smaller loom, which is to big for my wrist but to tight for my hand.

  30. i was thinking that i could use knitting elastic ? knit that with the yarn and who knows t should become smaller i hope

  31. Can anyone tell me what color loom you would use for the mittens from the “In the Attic” looms. I assume it would be the newborn hat loom which is yellow?? I am really new at this and I may be completely confused.

    Please respond to

    Many Thanks ~ Aubrey

  32. Hello Amy K> I have adapted your pattern to fit toddlers…how do I get you the changes so you can post them?

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  34. Hi, this is my first time loom knitting mittens. I have gotten as far as the thumb, but can not figure out how to get the thumb off the loom and then continue knitting the rest of the glove?? Also, it seems to be a big mitten, how do I down size to make a smaller mitten.
    Thanks for your help

  35. I have some suggestions. Since it was pretty fast to do one mitten I went ahead and did it to use as a guide to making it fit better. First off, the length from the cuff to the thumb is to long. It makes it more like a long glove than a mitten. I am using the thick & quickyarn. I would suggest for the cuff to make it fit tighter is to do a triple stitch instead as that should tighten it up. I am going to do only 12-15 stitches to the thumb instead of 24. After you finish the thumb its really just a fitting issue to the end. I am doing a black cuff and a gold body mitten for my daughter as that is her colleges school colors. Since its a quick mitten to make its worth it to do it by the directions above then do another one with your adjustments. Once you have your adjustments then you are set to whip these out.

  36. I just finished making one of these mittens, and pretty early on I noticed something was wrong. However, being fairly new at knitting on a round loom, I thought, “well, maybe it will work itself out, and be fine at the end.” No such luck. Where the bottom of the thumb should be, was basically sitting on top of the cuff. In hindsight it appears I misread the directions, and didn’t knit rows 12-22 as regular rows. Instead I incorporated that “row count” for the thumb section.

    Maybe you could add a little note near the “starting the thumb section” line that says, “these thumb section ‘rows’ should be counted separately from your ‘knitting in the round’ rows”??? Or you could just disregard my ramblings, and chalk it up to my knitting green-ness. 🙂

    Anyway, this first attempt will make a great “super-cape” for my daughter’s doll, and next time I’ll make sure to add the regular rows BEFORE I start the thumb section.

  37. The instructions call for the blue knifty knitter but the picture shows the long pink one which is what I have. What changes have to be made? I dont have the clip on piece.

    • I am not sure which picture you are referring too. I look at at the photos and I don’t see a pink long one at all. I used a blue kniffty knitter on the one loom mitten pattern. I do have a pink long loom with the clip ons I will have to try it out and see what i can do for a pattern with that. It might be nice because the stitches would be closer together. Thanks. I just may start tonight on that.

      • I have tried several messages, I’ll try this one,
        using only 20 pegs on the 24 loom, how do you finish off the mitten. any video on this . Please answer.

  38. Hi, I am a new grandmother and new at looming. So, far I made my first year old baby hat and baby scarf (in Christmas green & red) in layers. How can I make the mittens to fit a year old baby without the thump. Most of the instructions online are for preemies or newborns or is year old baby considered newborn? I know I might sound silly but I am not sure what to go by. Can you please tell me what to do? Thanks

  39. Hi, I have made two sets of these mittens for 8 yr-old children. I made them in wool (Paton Classic) and felted them in the washing machine. That made them small enough to fit the children – but be prepared when you are felting to grab them quick and rinse to stop the shrinking. Also good to have things on hand to stuff into the mittens to keep the shape and size you want. I used soup cans. Probably also good to line up some other children with smaller hands to receive the mittens if they get too small. But the knitting is VERY EASY and once you get by the tricky felting, your children have beautiful, soft, and thick warm mittens! Thanks for the pattern!

  40. I would love the pattern but when I attempted to print it it said that I would get 10 pages – how do I just print the blue mittens??????????? They look interesting – I teach knitting, crocheting, tatting, and the girls are interested in trying to do some loom knitting at which I am a novice ! Thanks for giving me a heads up on how to get the pattern. Sinerely, Karen

  41. May I please have permission to use your mitten pattern for donations to charity? I do not sell my knitting…ever.
    Thanks Barb

  42. Help! I really want to make this. Im a visual person. I was wondering if you have a video? Im having a hard time figuring out the thumb instructions. Also… the end of the mitten decreased? Ive only done that once, and forget how to do that. (I can make a dog sweater, but can figure this out LOL)

  43. Wow! so easy! I love it! I use the pink flower loom to make smaller mittens for my children…they love the mittens! Thank you!!!

  44. could you make a video showing how to make this mitten? I’m new to this and would love to start making mittens, but can’t find a video on u tube showing the making of mittens with the loom . I’m having trouble with the thumb thanks Vickie

    • Dear Vicki,
      You can go to this website gettin it There will be a pattern there for mittens designed for the knifty knitter loom set 2007 Bethany Dailey You will find a 4 series video turtial by Christina Fasoula U Tube Easy mittenson loom part one. To make the Thumb you will ewrap pegs 1-5.Knit.Then ewrap back&Forth for about 2o rows. then you will push the thumb to the outside.see if your thumb fits ok if not knit a few more rows. then you wil sew up the thumb later.

  45. When using only 20 pegs do you skip pegs or just do 20 pegs in a line. How do you finish a 20 peg mitten when you take off the yarn. do you have to hand sew the sides like the thumb. I am confussed. I need a small mitten any help will be appreciated a.s.a.p.

  46. Dear carole,
    Yes you will skip a few pegs when you are making the thumb for the will later sew up the mitten sides together.When you start to make the hand you will ewrap all the pegs then knit however many rows indiciated.You will then do the fingertip and shaping.Then you’ll gather and bind off the pegs.You will sew the top of the mitten where your 4 fingers will fit by turning it inside out. You can go to this website :gettin it there will be a pattern there for mittens designed for the knifty knitter loom set 2007 by Bethany Daily there will be a 4 series video by christina fasoula on UTube called Easy Mittens on loom part 1 this will get you started and then there is also video 2 etc. hope this helps. I am kind of new to this two and only have been loom knitting for a few weeks.

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  49. Thanks so much for this pattern! I’ve never made mittens before, but have wanted too and your instructions are simple to understand. I cant wait to try these 🙂

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  56. When you say ‘knit off’ what do you mean? Do you mean hook over to finish the stitch? If not, please explain. I want to make this mitten !
    Don’t you just love loons?

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