Spring Break Loom Projects

Scarves For my Daughter!!!

1.                             2.                             3.                      

 loom 015.jpg    loom 014.jpg  loom 019.jpg   

loom 018.jpg   loom 021.jpg    loom 023.jpg

 4.                           5.                             6.

 Picture Number 1. Made with a ribbon yarn from No Bounderies.

                        2.  Gouping of four scarfs so far

                       3. close up of the yarn in number 4 it is a knitfty knitter yarn

                       4. Knifty knitter yarn scarf

                       5. Red heart yarn

                        6. no boundires yarn a fuzzy kind

All were made with a single strand of the yarn used with the same pattern from Michaels


I didn't add the tassle I didn't care for the tassle myself.

It is fun to see the difference the yarn can make!


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