Yarn Store Heaven

We just  had a yarn store open up in town. Yeah!!!!! I am so excited about it. I guess anyone living here would be excited about it.  Before this store opened up, all we had was wal-mart to buy yarn at. Recently our Wallmart store cut their yarn selection by 2/3. IT is a 4 hour drive to any other yarn store. So this is going to be fun. When traveling I have gone to yarn shops and everything is wonderful. I just can’t afford much there. This yarn shop has both the nice expensive yarn and yarn that is less expensive too. I bought some red hearts yarn “Hunny” it is so soft. It was calling out to me. So I bought a skein of it to do some booties or something small to see how I like it. I got home and found out that my friend had had her baby a week early a little boy. I am making booties for  him. I have one  done and going to start the other. I think I will make matching hand mittens and then go back buy more of it and make a hat. This Hunny yarn is so soft.  IF you haven’t tried it you should.  I will post pictures soon.


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