Baby Set Patterns

Baby Set

Items needed

yarn- I used one strand of Red Hearts Hunny Brand( I used two skeins of it).

Knitting Tool

Yarn Needle

Looms- Da small gauge stocking loom and Da small gauge Bootie loom

Ribbon or Cord for bows on mittens and booties

The Set is done using the ewrap stitch

loom-046.jpg Baby Hat

Using the small gauge stocking loom (36 pegs)

Step One- Knit 10 Rows

Step two- Make Cuff

Step Three- Knit 22 Rowsj

Step Four- take off loom using the gather method

If using any thing else besides Hunny yarn from Red Hearts you will have to make adjustments with the amount of rows.

loom-047.jpg Baby Mittens

Using small gauge bootie loom (20 peg)

Step one- knit 10 rows

Step two- Make cuff

Step three- knit 15 rows

Step four take off using gather method

Step five- weave ribbon or cord in and out by the cuff and tie

loom-050.jpg Baby Booties

Using small gauge bootie loom  (20 peg)

Step one- knit 10 rows

Step two- turn cuff

Step three- knit two rows

Step Four- ( start heel This will be done flat knitting not in the round)

Wrap pegs 1 thru 14 knit off

 wrap pegs 13 – 2 knit off

 wrap pegs 3- 12 knit off

wrap pegs 11- 4 knit off

wrap pegs 5- 10 knit off

wrap pegs 9- 6 knit off

wrap pegs 7-8 knit off

wrap pegs 9-6 knit off

wrap pegs 5- 10 knit off

wrap pegs 11-4 knit off

wrap pegs 3 – 12 knit off

wrap pegs 13 -2 knit off

wrap pegs 1- 10 knit off

Step five knitting in the round again  I knit 10 rows. This is wear you can adjust the  length of the foot. Add or subtract the amount of rows as you need to.

Step Six- take off with gather method

Step Seven-  Weave ribbon or cord in  and out by cuff to form the Tie.

© 2006 Amy Kay For personal use only. All other use please contact the designer for permission.


12 thoughts on “Baby Set Patterns

  1. I have never used a loom before but would love to try it! I’d actually like to try and make this set for a mother-to-be. What kind of loom(s) do I need to purchase?
    Thanks so much!
    Nicole Hsu

  2. hello
    how r u
    well i m also designer mean textile designer .urs work great well me and my friend made a different item in our field so so wonderful job sir

  3. Can these mittens & booties fit a baby that is almost a year old? I am working on a entire set. I can not tell if would fit.

  4. Hello, I have made a couple of hats and I just made a baby blanket, all with the e-wrap stitch. I was looking for patterns for baby mittens, and booties, and I have come across your site. Thank- You so much to for the patterns. I love them. But I was just wondering, how do you Knit off? I would really like to make the booties to go with the mittens and the hat that I have made. I have three baby showers to go to this summer and would love to make the whole set for all three friends. 🙂

  5. I see you have provided a pattern for a 15 peg loom. I’m working on the “flower” loom from provo craft. It has 12 pegs on it. Would it work the same way 15 does (just make the numbers fit for 12)? Thanks!

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