Sock Loom and Lepersy Bandage Loom!!!

Wow. I just got my two new looms. I got a Extra Fine Gauge Sock loom and a Lepersy bandage loom. I started working on the lerpersy bandage loom and when I get it long enough I will take pictures and I will be starting on the sock loom as soon as I go and get some markers for it.

loom-069.jpg  Lepersy Bandage Loom

loom-065.jpg EFG Sock Loom

I’ll keep you posted on whats looming on these looms


9 thoughts on “Sock Loom and Lepersy Bandage Loom!!!

  1. How do you make a heel on the EFG sock loom without having to move the loops over to the next peg and all that? I need a simple heel pattern that I don’t have to move this loop and that loop. My left hand shakes and I can’t move the loops. I end up having to frog the whole thing. I just made some socks on it without moving any loops and they were ok except I had a few holes in them.


  2. Please tell me where you purchased your Extra Fine Gauge Sock loom and Lepersy bandage loom. I would very much like to purchase these too. Thanks!

  3. They sell them at Joann Fabrics and you can order them from the “Nancy’s Notions” site or order from her magazine. Joann’s has all different types and shapes of looms of varying qualities.

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