I am Back From The Past!

Hey Everyone I have been really tied up with alot of things the last year! I am back and will be posting more regularly here. I am still looming and still love it. I want to thank everyone who has posted comments here. I have gotten alot of comments on the one loom Mitten. Thanks abunch


One thought on “I am Back From The Past!

  1. Hi-

    I just now am ready to do the bind-off on my first mitten made from your one loom mitten instructions. You are so clever. Thanks so much for posting it. I’d never done a cuff before or any flat knitting on a round loom either, but your instructions were so to the point and easy I’ll soon have a completed pair of mittens under my belt. Up until now I’ve only loomed scarves, hats and tube neck warmers of which I just learned to do in Jan. of this year. I’m so excited. :o) I believe we’re both in the Yahoo group kniftyknitterlooms. I either saw you mention it there or I stumbled along to it on your blog. I don’t remember which.

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