Wow I learned Something New!

I finally figured out how to make the pictures so you can click on them to make them bigger.

Family1 116.jpg  This is one of my favorites of my Kids. Click on it to see it better. Then go back to the rest of the post and Click on a picture to see them better to. I have edited them all so it can be done.


It has been awhile!

Well I had surgery the end of April and them we got a new puppy and then We moved our daughter home from College. It has been busy since I last posted.I am working on a block pattern for the loom. I am trying to figure out how you design a block and get it to the size you want. I am trying to do a Fire cracker design. When I get it all worked out I will post it.

 About this new puppy. We have a cat that has never been interested in yarn at all. So I have never had to worry about my stash. I think we have a dog that thinks she's a cat. She won't leave my yarn alone. So i gave her her own yarn as a toy. I haven't taken any yarn pictures with her yet. I will soon. I do have a out door Picture of her.

 Oreo 041.jpg   Oreo 037.jpg

Survived the Storm

Yes we survived the Storm! We got my Daughter back to College today. Tomorrow I will go to the store and Shop and while I am there I will get a battery for the Camera so I can take pics of My patterns and then Write up instructions and post. I can’t wait. Hopefully Tomorrow They will be posted If not all three then at least one.

Let It Snow!!!!

 No Snow all winter and now look what march Looks like.

3-11-06 003.jpg

This was taken earlier today and now we have 22 inches and still Falling.

As you can see from above I didn't have th time set right. It is actually about 5pm on the 11th of March.

It is still Snowing

Here are some more pics from around 8pm 3-11-06 022.jpg

As you can see there is 30 inches

3-11-06 017.jpgGetting Deep!

3-11-06 019.jpg Cleaning off so the roof doesn't go flat

3-11-06 023.jpg Back end of the Van

3-11-06 016.jpg Believe it or not There is a "65" Chevey  under there!

Can you find the Mirror?

Hope you Like These.

I will try to do more tomorrow.

Night Night