I am Back From The Past!

Hey Everyone I have been really tied up with alot of things the last year! I am back and will be posting more regularly here. I am still looming and still love it. I want to thank everyone who has posted comments here. I have gotten alot of comments on the one loom Mitten. Thanks abunch


Knitting Thimble

After I started my sock I found this Knitting Thimble at Wal-Mart.

loom-098.jpg  I was have trouble with loosing the yarn tension when I would do the purl stitchs. I would use the tip of my finger to hold the loop and I would loose the yarn. This thimble help me keep track of the yarn and knitting went faster. As you can see there are to curling hooks on it. I used the one up front for the yarn. If you were using two differnet colors of yarn and changing back and forth you would hook one color on one of the hooks and the other on the other hook. I am so glad I found this little knitting gadget.

Kitchen Set

loom-086.jpgKitchen Set

 These are both knitted on the Blue Knifty Knitter

I used Cotton yarn.

Use two stands of yarn.

Knit using the e- wrap

 Dish Soap Cover


 Row 1 – 10 knit

Turn brim knit off

Row 11- 27 knit

Row 28 mock crochet stitch around

Row 29 – 36 knit

Take off with gathering method ( don’t pull to tight you need to make the hole big enough to fit  around the bottle top)

Then I crochet a cord for it. I didn’t keep track of how many chain stitches i did. Do make it long enough tie around the bottle. I did chain a length and then a chain stitch back in all the chains.

Then weave the cord you made in and out of the moch crochet row. Slip over a dish soap bottle and tie a bow

Towel Holder


Rows 1- 10 Knit

Turn to make brim

Rows 11 – 20 Knit

Take off with gathering stitch leave hole big enough to fit the I-Cord

make I-cord about 10 to 12 inches long tie both ends together to make a loop

insert cord though the hole and then loop towell over the icord under  the top part and

pull the I cord tight .

Now you have a item that looks like abell holding a towel. you can put it on a knob or you

can loop it to fit on a bar type handle of you drawers or cuboards. I like this because i can

change the towel when needed and not have to change the top .

My First Socks!!!!

I finally finshed my first pair of socks.

made with 10 sock loom from DA

and I used clown self stripping yarn.

 Shorty Shorty Socks I had so much fum making them. I already have the yarn for the next pair of socks . They will have a higher cuff of them.

Sock Loom and Lepersy Bandage Loom!!!

Wow. I just got my two new looms. I got a Extra Fine Gauge Sock loom and a Lepersy bandage loom. I started working on the lerpersy bandage loom and when I get it long enough I will take pictures and I will be starting on the sock loom as soon as I go and get some markers for it.

loom-069.jpg  Lepersy Bandage Loom

loom-065.jpg EFG Sock Loom

I’ll keep you posted on whats looming on these looms

Baby Bootie Heel Update!

This is to help all of you out there that have different size bootie looms.

The pattern here for the booties in the baby set patterns was made with a 20 peg loom. I have also used a 18 peg loom too. I had a help question about using a 15 peg loom so here is what you need to do for the heel using different looms. Every thing else will stay the same except the heel.

 15 peg loom heel

wrap pegs 1 thru 10 knit off

wrap pegs 9 thru 2 knit off

wrap pegs 3 thru 8 knit off

wrap pegs 7 thru 4 knit off

wrap pegs 5 thru 6 knit off

wrap pegs 7 thru 4 knit off

wrap pegs 3 thru 8 knit off

wrap pegs 9 thru 2 knit off

wrap pegs 1 thru 15 knit off

go on with step five

18 peg loom heel

wrap 1 thru 12 knit off

wrap 11 thru 2 knit off

wrap 3 thru 10 knit off

wrap 9 thru 4 knit off

wrap 5 thru 8 knit off

wrap 7 thru 6 Knit off

wrap 8 thru 5 knit off

wrap 4 thru 9 knit off

wrap 10 thru 3 knit off

wrap 2 thru 11 knit off

wrap 1 thru 18 knit off

start step 5

20 peg bootie loom instructions are with they pattern with baby set under free patterns. I hope this helps with different looms.

Baby Set Patterns

Baby Set

Items needed

yarn- I used one strand of Red Hearts Hunny Brand( I used two skeins of it).

Knitting Tool

Yarn Needle

Looms- Da small gauge stocking loom and Da small gauge Bootie loom

Ribbon or Cord for bows on mittens and booties

The Set is done using the ewrap stitch

loom-046.jpg Baby Hat

Using the small gauge stocking loom (36 pegs)

Step One- Knit 10 Rows

Step two- Make Cuff

Step Three- Knit 22 Rowsj

Step Four- take off loom using the gather method

If using any thing else besides Hunny yarn from Red Hearts you will have to make adjustments with the amount of rows.

loom-047.jpg Baby Mittens

Using small gauge bootie loom (20 peg)

Step one- knit 10 rows

Step two- Make cuff

Step three- knit 15 rows

Step four take off using gather method

Step five- weave ribbon or cord in and out by the cuff and tie

loom-050.jpg Baby Booties

Using small gauge bootie loom  (20 peg)

Step one- knit 10 rows

Step two- turn cuff

Step three- knit two rows

Step Four- ( start heel This will be done flat knitting not in the round)

Wrap pegs 1 thru 14 knit off

 wrap pegs 13 – 2 knit off

 wrap pegs 3- 12 knit off

wrap pegs 11- 4 knit off

wrap pegs 5- 10 knit off

wrap pegs 9- 6 knit off

wrap pegs 7-8 knit off

wrap pegs 9-6 knit off

wrap pegs 5- 10 knit off

wrap pegs 11-4 knit off

wrap pegs 3 – 12 knit off

wrap pegs 13 -2 knit off

wrap pegs 1- 10 knit off

Step five knitting in the round again  I knit 10 rows. This is wear you can adjust the  length of the foot. Add or subtract the amount of rows as you need to.

Step Six- take off with gather method

Step Seven-  Weave ribbon or cord in  and out by cuff to form the Tie.

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