Cat Block

This is what I worked on while away for a few days.

 loom.jpgsorry it is kinda hard to see. Just Click on the pic and you can see it bigger. It is the kate the cat pattern.

I did it on the green knifty knitter. I am going to use different shades of brown and Tan and Cream and make a afghan for our Kitty to put on our bed to protect the Quilt my Mom made us.  I haven't wanted to put on because the cat loves to sleep on our bed. Now Ican make a cute afghan for the bed that will match the colors inthe Quilt.

I found the pattern at

 This site has alot of different blocks to knit.

To do the blocks on the loom you need to be aware that when the Block pattern says knit across you need to purl instead of knit.

Hope you have fun with the blocks at this site.


One thought on “Cat Block

  1. I like the cat cloth, On the part where you said to make the knit to purl then did you make the PURLS to KNit as well?? MY other question is do you have the pattern for the cat already made to use for the looms. IF so can you send it to me?? thanks


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